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Richmond Hotel Kumamoto Shinshigai

Richmond Hotel Kumamoto Shinshigai locates in an arcade called "Sun road Shinshigai" in the center of Kumamoto city where you can enjoy shopping and sightseeing of Kumamoto castle. There are a lot of  local restaurants around the hotel that serve Kumamoto cuisines such as Basashi (Horse meat sashimi), Karashi-renkon(deep fried mustard stuffing lotus root) and so on. Kumamoto is also known as famous place of  Shochu(rice wine) brewer.Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What time can I check in and out ?

A. Our check in time is 14:00 and 11:00 next morning for check out.

Q. Is it possible to extend the stay even after 11:00am ?

A. It is possible by 14:00 to extend your stay. In this case, ¥1000 will be charged per hour.

Q. Can I leave my luggage before the check in ?

A. Yes, you can.

Q. I would like to send some stuffs before the arrival…

A. Please send them to the address below. We will keep them until you check in.
※Please write your name or person's name who will stay and the date of the check in.
6-16, Shinshigai, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto city, KUMAMOTO, Japan 861-0803

Q. Do you have parking lots in the hotel ?

A. We do not have our own parking lots. Therefore we introduce some parking lots we specify to our guests. Because the hotel locates in an arcade, cars cannot enter the street in front of the hotel. Please park your car first, then visit the hotel to check in.

Q. How much will be the rate ?

A. ¥1000 per 14:00~11:00 next morning.

Q. Is it possible to take my car out from the parking lot several times while I'm staying ?

A. Mainly we introduce 2 parking lots. Both Pasuto 24 Karashima Koen and Pasuto 24 Kumamoto Chuo allow free in and out with the ¥1000 ticket.

Q. Where are those parking lots ?

A. Please see the access map in our website.

Q. I'm afraid my car is too big for the parking lot.

A. Pasuto 24 Karashima Koen・・・Hight 2,3m/Width 2.05m/Length 5m
 Pasuto 24 Kumamoto Chuo・・・Hight 2,1m/Width 2m/Length 5m

Q. Can you reserve the parking space for me ?

A. We cannot keep the space for any of our guests because the parking lots are order of arrivals.

Q. Can I use wifi in the room ?

A. Yes, free wifi is provided in all of our rooms.

Q. Do you have rental LAN cable ?

A. Yes we do. It's in the drawer in each room.

Q. Do you have Japanese style Wasitsu room ?

A. No, we do not.

Q. Do I have to prepare pajamas or towels ?

A. No, you don't have to. There are some preparation of them in the rooms.

Q. I would like to have breakfast.

A. Breakfast is available at ¥1000 in the 1st floor restaurant Ineya.

Q. Dinner is included in our stay ?

A. No, it isn't. Of course you can have dinner at Ineya but we have some recommendations of local restaurants. Please feel free to ask in the front desk.

Q. Is it possible to stay with kids in one room ?

A. Kids under 12 years old are not charged in the situation below. For 1 adult, 1 kid is free. The second kid will be charged as an adult if the kid doesn't have the counterpart as the first one.

Q. Do you have cribs ?

A. We do have cribs but not many. It can be set only in twin rooms. Please inform us in advance if you need one.

Richmond Hotel Kumamoto Shinshigai 
6-16, Shinshigai,
Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto
Tel: +81-96-312-3511
Fax: +81-96-312-3512

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