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Richmond Hotel Kumamoto Shinshigai

Richmond Hotel Kumamoto Shinshigai locates in an arcade called "Sun road Shinshigai" in the center of Kumamoto city where you can enjoy shopping and sightseeing of Kumamoto castle. There are a lot of  local restaurants around the hotel that serve Kumamoto cuisines such as Basashi (Horse meat sashimi), Karashi-renkon(deep fried mustard stuffing lotus root) and so on. Kumamoto is also known as famous place of  Shochu(rice wine) brewer.Learn More

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When you visit Kumamoto city, you can't miss sightseeing in Kumamoto castle. Built more than 400 years ago, you can still see beautiful castle and stone walls. Center of Kumamoto city was developed around the castle what we call "Joka-machi". Nowadays, two famous streets "Kami-tori" and "Shimo-tori" are the main shopping and sightseeing area in Kumamoto city.

Other than the castle, you can enjoy food in Kumamoto. Basashi (Horse meat sashimi), Karashi-renkon (deep fried mustard stuffing lotus root) and Kumamoto ramen are popular. You can find these restaurants and stores mostly along Kami-tori and Shimo-tori.

Richmond Hotel Kumamoto Shinshigai 
6-16, Shinshigai,
Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto
Tel: +81-96-312-3511
Fax: +81-96-312-3512

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